Drilling Program

Australian Drilling Program

The Australian Drilling Program will push ahead with plans to invest in equipment and workforce capacity to establish new capability for exploration and geotechnical drilling services.

The drilling business will conduct drilling operations for asset improvement and operational drilling on:
Projects that are owned and/or controlled
Other projects/contracted work in the wider Australian resources market
Under-explored Projects that exhibit potential and would benefit from drilling and geological services (“proving up” the resource) under an MOU or other vehicle

The Australian Drilling Program will supply services to its own projects without the risk of supply and scheduling issues inherent when engaging with drilling contractors; and have the potential to undertake profitable fee for service contract drilling projects in the wider Australian resource sector.

The Australian Drilling Program sees the acquisition and deployment of drilling rigs by the group as a more cost effective and lower risk method of securing critical drilling services than sourcing services from third-party contractors.

Three main goals; each of which are either cash earning or (mining) asset improvement.
Direct use of drill rigs and crews to conduct necessary resource mapping and improvements on owned projects
Direct sales of contract drilling services in the market to other mining and quarrying businesses
As a vehicle to set up JV arrangements or acquire full assets of unimproved (non-measured) mining resources
The Australian Drilling Program is perfectly placed to provide mining asset improvement capability to business streams. When projects are identified that show geological promise and are currently non-measured resources, an in-house drilling business will provide immediate value. With its current efforts in project identification and the current trends of the Australian mining and resources sector, the expectation is that The Australian Drilling Program and its associated crews and rigs will be gainfully utilised at all times.